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Mission Statement

To ensure that the lives of all people, worldwide are enriched by the wonder of sight.

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At least 670 million people, mostly in the developing world, are blind or vision impaired simply because they don’t have access to a basic eye examination and a pair of glasses. This unnecessary disability has a major impact on people’s lives. The link between poverty and avoidable blindness is indisputable. Uncorrected vision impairment causes profound economic disadvantages to individuals, their families and societies. Since 1998, when ICEE was founded in Australia, we have been developing and implementing sustainable solutions for improved eye care access. We collaborate with governments, communities and international non-government organisations to develop long term solutions by investing in local eye care education, professional education, appropriate service delivery systems and research to ensure sustainable eye care in underserved communities.

Project Sectors

Develop human resource

Build sustainable systems

Ensure affordability

Perform and facilitate research



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