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FirstLight Trust
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Mission Statement

Our aim is to give physical, emotional and psychological aid however that works: it might be accessing housing, helping deal with depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder, providing vocational courses or simply a place to drop in for a brew and a chat. Our aim is to support them back into the community and a better life.

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The FirstLight Trust is a grass-roots, community-based charity which assists the 'hard to reach' veterans who have fallen through the net and may have ended up on the streets. Those who don't know where to turn, where to go or what to do. We help the 'hard to reach' often homeless veterans as defined by other charities. Those who don’t know what is wrong with them; who cannot cope. We work with the veterans who have walked through our door and tap into their network. We provide whatever it takes to make that tiny difference between life and suicide. And, most importantly, set them on the road to recovery. We provide drop-in centres where there are like-minded people. We are a mix of civvies and veterans and have first-hand experience of what it is like to be down on your luck and not know where to turn (which is probably why we all share a very black sense of humour!). We can assess what needs doing and how and then utilize existing services if possible, or provide/fund alternatives. Help us enable our veterans to stand on their own two feet. Like you and I they do not want to depend on hand outs, charities and services. They want to be part of our community and give back into it what they have received. Help us to do that.

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Drop-in centres

Physical, emotional and psychological aid

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