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Mission Statement

To improve the lives of HIV/Aids infected and affected children and adults through treatment, clinics, feeding schemes, counselling, Home-based care, crèches and support groups.

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We offer dedicated and compassionate service to the people of Inchanga, Fredville and surrounding areas. In response to the needs of our local community’s plight, our own community care centre was constructed comprising of a health and wellness clinic, children’s infirmary, feeding scheme, education and development facility. 1000 Hills Community Helpers exists to alleviate the suffering of the elderly and children in distress. As society has evolved and new horrors confront children, we have adapted our services to the needs of the community and focus particularly on children and communities impacted by AIDS.

Project Sectors

Feeding scheme

Homebased care

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children

Preschool & Creche

Skills Development Centre

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