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Our Mission is to play a leading role in the uplifting and development of the lives of all Londoners, especially people and children of African & Caribbean descent, through education in life skills, breaking down negative stereotypes, and imbuing our youth with the confidence they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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We are a chapter of the 100 Black Men International Inc, an organisation first created in New York in 1963 by a group of concerned African American men determined to bring about positive change in their local community. The 100 Black Men of London was founded and exists to provide what we see as a crucial service to the people of London. Governments and institutions all have their part to play in the advancement and development of communities, but we strongly believe that it is when individuals within the community themselves come together to fight for a common cause that true progress is made and achieved.

What we do

Community Programme

Interschools black history programme


Family Fun Day

100 Book Club

Website link: www.100bmol.org.uk

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