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Mission Statement

To enhance our quality of life by building livable urban and rural communities, protecting family farms and forests, and conserving natural and scenic areas.

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1000 Friends of Oregon was founded in 1975 by Governor Tom McCall and Henry Richmond as the citizens' voice for sound land use planning. Their goal was to protect Oregon’s quality of life from the effects of uncontrolled growth, using the tools of Senate Bill 100, passed in 1973. In the early days, 1000 Friends served as the "big stick" of enforcement, suing towns and counties to complete a Comprehensive Plan, as required by Senate Bill 100. Later, we assumed the “watchdog” role, helping citizens make sure their elected officials followed the rules, threatening to sue when they didn’t. Today, 1000 Friends staff focus on education and advocacy, to engage Oregonians in a fresh conversation about Oregon’s future, and how to make sure it’s a future we all want. We seek to enhance the quality of life we enjoy in Oregon, with beautiful natural areas, the family-owned farms and woodlots that comprise our working landscapes, and vibrant, livable communities for urban and rural residents alike.

Project Sectors

Fighting global warming

Resort Reform

Urban & Rural Reserves

Affordable housing

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