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To provide financial assistance to families of public safety officers and firefighters who are seriously injured or killed in the line-of-duty, and to provide resources to enhance their safety and welfare.

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The 100 Club of Arizona is a benevolent, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to standing behind the men and women who stand behind the badge. As a community-based organization, the officers and members of the 100 Club are committed to supporting the needs of public safety agencies and their front-line officers and firefighters who place their lives at risk while in the performance of their duties. The 100 Club members realize that money can never make up for the loss of or disability of a loved one, but it can be helpful in covering immediate expenses. In addition, the 100 Club has a committee of experts, a Professional Advisory Team including members of the fallen officer's agency, CPAs, attorneys, trust officers, brokers, financial consultants, insurance consultants and employee benefits consultants. This team, at the survivor's request, will advise and counsel families in a wide range of areas without cost or obligation.

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Safety Equipment Stipends

Emergency Responding Officers

Professional Advisory Team

Scholarship Program

Website link: www.100club.org/

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