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To promote adult health by providing a craft-therapy program which offers individuals working to overcome physical disability and/or mental illness the opportunity to increase self-esteem, personal growth and creative skills, while providing them supplemental income through participation.

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Since 1966, Craftworks has worked with Vancouver adults who are unable to seek and maintain regular employment due to physical challenges and/or mental illness, to participate in meaningful work. Innovative programming includes personalized regular one-on-one support at home and diverse community partnerships. We are particularly proud of our extensive felt story list and our ability to produce specialty products designed especially to customer specifications. Through our program participants receive volunteer-prepared craft kits which are delivered to their homes. These items are then sold in our society’s shop in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as at conventions and craft fairs.

What we do

Craft-therapy program

Volunteer-prepared craft kits

Website link: www.3hcraftworks.com/

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