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Mission Statement

To promote the development and performance of contemporary dance creations.

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Through the teaching, creation and performance of contemporary dance creations, 10 Gates provides entry points for the education of the public to contemporary and theatrical dance. Since its inception, the company has created an exceptional body of work for some of the most renowned dance artists and companies in Canada and has held a unique role in the field of dance through its mentorship activities with choreographers in Canada and abroad. One wing of 10 Gates Dancing Inc. is consistently devoted to the Nurturing and Mentorship of young choreographers and dancers. This is realized through the involvement with the Le Groupe Dance Lab, teaching technique classes throughout Canada and during international Lab experiences and through choreographic works with students in professional schools such as LADMMI, the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre and the Professional Program of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg. Giving young pre-professional dancers the experience of a creative process, through rehearsals and the performance of a work is the most direct form of passing on knowledge about the art form to the new generation.

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