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To provide high quality, specialist, support and care to people with complex mental health needs.

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2Care is a mental health charity which offers a radical alternative to traditional mental health and dementia services. Our unique mental health rehabilitation and recovery programme has been proven to work for people with major, long-term mental health conditions including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, OCD, dual diagnosis, self harm and some personality disorders. Our outcomes speak for themselves – over 80% of service users who complete our three-phase programme go on to lead and sustain more independent lives. Our dementia services embrace the values of dignity, choice, independence and privacy – so that dementia is no barrier to enjoying life. By creating highly individual programmes, based on service users’ own goals and aspirations, we ensure that people are firmly in control of their own lives.

What we do

Mental health rehabilitation

Recovery services

Dementia service

Website link: www.2care-rsl.org.uk

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