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We believe that education of women is the key to economic productivity and political stability. Healthy, safe, empowered girls transform families, communities and countries.

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60 million girls is a public foundation established in February 2006 by Wanda Bedard and a group of talented, creative and energetic women who strongly believe in the need to support education for girls in order to create a more just and balanced world. Our objective is to support at least two major education projects annually in developing countries with the greatest gender disparity in school enrolment by raising funds through our Foundation. The project can take many forms: from school construction to teacher training, providing supplies, fees or equipment, supporting activities which will increase girls' access to school (water projects, daycare, adolescent classes) as well as community support programs and others. The projects must not discriminate or restrict access based on religion, race, socio-economic factors or ability to pay. At least 50% of students enrolled must be female.

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