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Gender Based Violence Gbv Prevention Network
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Mission Statement

We seek to become a vibrant space in the Horn, East and Southern Africa for innovation, expertise, experience and exchange on Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention.

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The Gender Based Violence -GBV- Prevention Network is a dynamic group of activists and practitioners committed to preventing gender- based violence in the Horn, East and Southern Africa. We are over 220 members strong – coming from 24 different countries – all of us committed to and working toward a world free of gender-based violence. We come from small, rural, community-based organizations, national organizations, international organizations, bi-laterals, foundations, government institutions, universities and the UN. The GBV Prevention Network is a vibrant space for innovation, expertise, experience sharing and exchange on GBV prevention. We want to provide member organizations with relevant information about and access to resources on violence prevention to build solidarity between organizations working on violence, to strengthen capacity of members on critical issues and methodologies and to advocate for increased interest and investment for gender-based violence prevention in the regions.

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Gender equality

Violence Against Women

Policy Advocacy


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