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FIZ - Women's Information Center
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Mission Statement

We work for the dignity and rights of migrant women and fight against exploitation and violence.

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FIZ Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking advocates for the protection and rights of migrant women who are victims of violence and exploitation. FIZ calls attention to abuses and seeks desperately needed improvements for women who have become victims of trafficking and migrant women who suffer violence. For this purpose, the organization runs two outreach programs: the Counseling Center for Migrant Women and Makasi—Counseling and Support Services for Victims of Trafficking in Women. We advise migrant women in the Zurich area who are victims of exploitation or violence. Violence can take many forms: physical, psychological or structural. We assist women facing problems working in cabarets or the sex trade. Likewise, we advice migrant women on matters related to residency status and undocumented status. We also assists victims of trafficking so that they can live freely and selfsufficiently. We provide crisis intervention
and counseling, organize safe housing, clarify residency status, and provide information on victim’s rights.

Project Sectors

Advocacy and Support

Rights of migrant women

Crisis intervention


Safe housing

Residency status

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