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CONAVI's mission is to develop and implement actions that promote and enhance biodiversity conservation and sustainable, community-based management of natural resources.

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CONAVI is a Panamanian Non-profit Non Governmental Organization created through Public Deed No. 6618 of March 22nd, 2005; Fundación CONAVI owns a private preserve in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama´s Pacific Coast that protects 260 acres of dry tropical forest within the now protected La Marinera Sea Turtle Rookery. During 2007 – 2009, CONAVI conducted a project called “Pacific Leatheback Nest Site Identification Project” that yielded the identification of 47 leatherback nesting sites, mostly unprotected. CONAVI conducts land demarcation and collective titling projects in two indigenous peoples´ territories and implements “umbrella” species conservation, namely the Antillean manatee and the endemic and critically endangered pigmy three-toed sloth of unique Escudo de Veraguas Island.

What we do

1. Saving the pigmy sloth;
2. Long term monitoring of Antillean manatee populations;
3. Assessment of sea turtle rookeries, including training and enforcement of use of sea turtle excluder devise;
4. Processing of organic coffee by indigenous farmers;
5. Demarcation and titling of indigenous lands.

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