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Mission Statement

Pop-Up-Foundation was established to create the conditions that enable sustainability projects to flourish.

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Pop-Up-Foundation addresses one of the central challenges of our time: decoupling human progress from resource use and environmental decline. Bringing sustainable living to people in a simple, accessible form, focused on results, Pop-Up-Foundation encourages everyone to participate in the changes and create and share solutions. In this way, all these small changes can connect, consolidate and have a bigger compound effect. This is how Pop-Up-Foundation uses its local perspective to address the global ecological challenge – how to live our lives sustainably. We see this challenge as an educational issue, and act to respond through schools, communities and businesses worldwide, evolving through social, economic and technological networks. Our focus is on thinking and action upon the key themes of water, waste, energy, food, growing, buildings, health and wellbeing. The emergent ideas and action serve to demonstrate different ways that people can change their lives to the mutual benefit o

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Happy Coffee Bean Company
School of Sustainability

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