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Xperedon Donation Processing Services
Our web fundraising tools provide charities with a simple route to superior digital marketing, donor engagement and multi-currency donation processing. Xperedon’s fundraising tools are built on a cloud based platform that runs in any browser, providing you with effortless donation processing from a global supporter base.
Our fundraising and donation processing tools are easily embeddable into your own websites, empowering you to achieve even your most ambitious online fundraising goals.
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Whether you are a small, medium, or large charity, our industry competitive solutions are here to help achieve your fundraising goals...
Xperedon’s fundraising toolkit not only offers powerful front-end web marketing and donation processing but is complemented by a user-friendly back-office, including accounting, reconciliation and reporting.
As well as donation buttons, sponsorship pages, blogging tools and other standard features, our fundraising platform provides unique features such as the ability to embed any of your CMS content straight into your own website, Facebook page, Wordpress site, or almost anywhere - and with no programming needed.
You can make use of all these great tools and services with a single login and easy to use CMS; there’s no need for IT skills and what’s more when you sign up for free you also receive free, ongoing back up and support.
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Xperedon: online fundraising & marketing for charities, multi-currency donation processing, full back-office


Xperedon Donation Processing Services   Xperedon Payment Services Limited is authorised by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 FRN: 544203 for the provision of payment services.